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Women, Wealth & Wine

A Community Event for Savvy Women

Second Tuesday
of every other month

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

Harbour Club at WestEdge 
22 Westedge St Suite 700 
Charleston, SC 29403


Women, Wealth and Wine is a Community Event for independent, professional women who want to learn steps to take NOW  to be empowered in their finances.  
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I've experienced the ups and downs of income and cash flow.  One minute there's a feeling of security and comfort knowing there's a cushion from a bonus or a good month of sales in a business. The next minute, when the cushion is smaller, the worry creeps back in.  "Am I saving enough?  What else should I be doing?  Who should I ask?"

As a busy mom, business owner, wife and volunteer, money often becomes the topic of conversation.  I know there were times my money choices were 100% wrong.  I recall my first years out of college and wonder where I would be today if I would have just saved a little more, spent a little less and prioritized my money.  

Most women are pulled in so many directions, it is extremely challenging to find the time to have a conversation.  There are so many responsibilities that demand their attention, prioritizing their money falls down the list.

Take the first step towards financial freedom by joining this

Community Event.  

I'm excited to meet you!

Jenne Sevilla


What can you expect from Women, Wealth & Wine?

Reveal underlying forces that drive your decision making and how it affects the outcome.

Discover the financial strategies you should implement now to change your life.

Refresh your outlook of cash flow and assets to create a smart and intentional money plan.

Prioritize your money to increase your confidence for a stronger financial future.

Reduce your stress by taking charge of your money by making purposeful decisions.

Get your money to work as hard FOR you as you worked for IT with efficiency & effectiveness.

What's your Money Mood?

Yes, I want to attend!

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